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Cotton rugs or durries are flatwoven by hand on a horizontal loom. These carpets have a design on both sides. The beauty of these hand-woven Indian carpets will enhance any room. Cotton carpets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for use in guest rooms and other formal living spaces. These rugs are so versatile that they can even be hung on the wall. These durries are also suitable for use on smooth floors like tile or marble. The cotton durries/carpets sold by Home Creations are, to put it simply, breathtaking. The patterns used can vary in sophistication from simple historical themes to intricate ones.

When manufacturing our high-quality cotton durries, we only use traditional looms. Our cotton carpets are suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors, adding style and sturdiness wherever they are placed. To us, it is an honour to be carrying on a tradition that dates back generations with the designs we design. These carpets are reversible, and the colours won’t fade over time. More than fifty years of use is possible on our 100% cotton rugs.

Home Creations is the top cotton durries manufacturer India. There is a vast range of sizes and designs available for these rugs to satisfy the demands of clients worldwide. They are made with care and the highest quality materials under the supervision of our expert workers. Each cotton rug we sell is made to last and comes at a price that won’t break the bank.

Why Are Cotton Rugs and Durries So Popular?

  • To begin, understand that cotton rugs are completely eco-friendly. So, when they eventually become obsolete after years of use, you may dispose of them carefree, knowing they won’t damage the environment. They completely decompose in the environment.
  • Cotton durries are extremely cosy because they are woven from cotton yarn. On the other hand, they are quite sturdy. In this way, the potential for damage is reduced significantly.
  • Rugs made of cotton can retain colours well. That said, if your customers purchase just a few cotton rugs, they will no longer have to worry about the rugs fading over time.
  • It’s a big plus that cotton rugs need such little maintenance. You won’t have to worry about mishaps when you wash them.

If you’re looking to increase your sales by a large margin, get in touch with Home Creations, the leading cotton rugs/durries exporter India.

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